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Long Story Short ...

It all started in spring 2020 when covid came and changed our world. Before that, I was doing something completely different, fulfilling myself in other fields where I could express my creativity, learn something new every day and make a profit out of it. I took a new exciting challenge and stepped into the programming world.

With a couple of good books and tons of online tutorials, I took a dive into coding. I finished an online course on C# programming language. The course mentor and many little tasks which I had to complete taught me a lot. I knew that I had just scratched the surface but I learned the basics and put them into use, creating dozens of simple programs and applications (

For over a year, I have been studying and playing with Unity Engine. I have followed dozens of tutorials and have tried to create simple games to learn as much as I can about Unity in a given process. Below are some of the projects I have managed to finish already and have made playable. They are very simple, far from perfect, definitely rough, but for me these are the steps on the road to developing my newly gained skills and accumulating experience.

I hope that while playing them, you will have as much fun and excitement as I had while creating these projects. (Please, keep in mind that all these projects were made for desktop computers so you will need keyboard and mouse to play them)

game windowBURGERS.png
game windowSNAKE.png
game windowRACING.png
game windowRUNAWAY.png


Mariusz Gaczynski
+48 607751074
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